Welcome to tluwee.com

I decided to build a new home for my personal thoughts. What better place to host them than Ghost?

Ghost is a lot faster, and cleaner compared to WordPress. Writing on Ghost feels natural. No clunky sidebar, just beauty.

I have no big, hairy plans for this site. You'll probably find some random musings from time to time, and a story or two, in between.

Blogs are unfashionable these days... people use IG for everything now. Yet, I find IG a little constrained for longer form writing. So here I am.

There's almost nothing here now, but if you'd like, you can take a peek at something I've been working on:

Habits 1
A loud, continuous knock on my front door woke me up. I opened my eyes into the darkness, my mind still in a daze. Before my visioncould adjust, the second series of knocking started. I looked at the clock on my bed stand. It was just shy of four a.m. Who could it be at this hour? A peephole wo…

If you like this sorta thing, stick around :)

Your friend in writing,

Lu Wee

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