All the things they said I couldn't do (Pt.1)

All the things they said I couldn't do (Pt.1)

Part 1. On running a business

In college

"These business ideas are cool to think of, but let's admit it Lu Wee, you're an engineering student, you don't know how to run a business."

"That's a nice idea for a side thing you do on the weekends."

After college, in a job

"You sure you know how to do business? Then why are you still working as an employee? LOL."

"Lu Wee, you're book smart, but you're not street smart. You don't belong in the real world. You need real smarts for that."

After quitting my job

"Making money online is not a real job. Get a real job. You will regret quitting. Send me your resume so I can help pass it along."

"You think you can run a business? I bet my money this business will fail in less than 1 year. You better go and get your job back as an engineer."

"You think you're doing the right thing? Let me tell you, you are making the worst decision of your life."

When no one believes in you, you believe in you.

Keep going.

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